TRX Move #1: Spiderman Push-up

A Marine conducts Spiderman push-ups.
A Marine with Marine Forces Reserve conducts Spiderman pushups at Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans, March 29, 2019, during a Total Force Fitness event. (Sgt. Andy O. Martinez/U.S. Marine Corps photo)


N: name of the exercise

A: adjustment length of the TRX

P: position relative to the anchor

S: starting posture

M: movement cues

R: return cues to starting posture.

N: Spiderman push- up

A: Mid-calf


S: Hand plank position with knees on deck, right foot in foot cradles.  Left leg extends, toes on deck.

M: Drive left knee to left elbow while simultaneously lowering chest to hands.

R: Extend arms pushing chest away from deck, returning left foot to deck. Repeat on the other side.

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