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Air Force History Quiz

In honor of the Air Force's birthday, we've put together this Air Force history quiz. Test your knowledge!

Coast Guard Quiz

In honor of the Coast Guard's birthday, we've put together a quiz on the service's history and traditions.

Marine Corps History Quiz

In celebration of the Marine Corps' birthday, has put together this Marine Corps history quiz.

Spotlight: D-Day

D-Day Story: Charles Roland

Capt. Roland tells of his experiences beating back the Axis powers. From basic training through his part in the Nuremburg tri...

D-Day Story: Joseph Beryle

I graduated from St. Joseph High School in Muskegon and had a scholarship to attend Notre Dame, which I did not accept. Inste...

D-Day Story: George Thomas Poe

As a coxswain of an LCVP landing craft during Operation Overlord, George Thomas Poe had one of the most unique views and expe...