Revisiting the Vietnam War's Tet Offensive on 'The Lost Tapes'

Marines at Khe Sanh Vietnam 1968 (Smithsonian Channel)

The Smithsonian Channel revisits the Vietnam War with "The Lost Tapes: Tet Offensive" premiering Sunday November 18 at 9PM ET/PT, fifty years after the battles that came to define the Vietnam War.

The acclaimed series explores historical events by using contemporary media reports, rare 8mm home footage, audio recordings and never-before-digitized tapes. What really makes "The Lost Tapes" different is that there are no interviews or re-enactments.

    While it's impossible to truly recreate the moments when events actually happened, "The Lost Tapes" does a great job of giving viewers a sense of how people saw historical events as they happened. Check out a couple of more clips from this episode below.

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