Master Class for Your Military Transition

Master Class for Your Military Transition

The last transition class you'll ever need! You already know the basics of getting a job in the civilian world—resume, job listings, wear-a-tie, send-a-thank-you. But do you know the strategies that help someone with your level of military job experience get the right job faster? Each Master Class offers strategies, skills and secrets designed just for you.

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At, we see you. We know your transition is unique to you and that you have the job hunt basics down already--resume, job listing, interview skills, what-to-wear. Now you need a master class beyond the basics. So we have done the research and figured out exactly what programs, providers, services, strategies and skills you need now to move forward on your transition.

So sign up for our Transition Master Class at your level--Young Enlisted. Junior Officer. Mid-level Professional, Senior Leader, Spouse, Veteran+.

In just one hour you will learn:

  • how transition really works for military at your career level so you feel like an insider, not an intruder.
  • learn our exclusive secrets, skills and strategies for your career group that lead to the most interesting, best paying jobs for you. 
  • get our recommendations for the best veteran programs and services for your experience level.
  • leave our online Master Class with a clear checklist of what you need to do next so you are ready for your high-impact civilian job.

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Are you one of the good ones? Are you the kind of service member who has always been a hard working, reliable, problem solver--the kind the command leans on in a crisis? Then why are you procrastinating about your military transition?

Because it is overwhelming. So much one-size-fits-all transition information comes at you like a firehose. After a long day at work, it takes too much energy to sort through it all. No wonder you are putting it off. That's where we come in.

Employers do want to hire hard-working, self-motivated veterans like you. The command does want you to keep firing on all cylinders until the last minute. Your family wants to know what will happen next right now. That is a lot of pressure. Do yourself a favor and take control over your transition by signing up for our exclusive FREE master classes now.

Meet Jacey Eckhart

Jacey Eckhart MA CPCC is's Transition Master Coach. She is a Certified Professional Career Coach and military sociologist who has been designing workshops and training active duty, National Guardsmen, Reservists and military spouses for decades.

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