Master Class: Fearless: How to Be A Rich Military Spouse


    Master Class Recap

    If you want a great career and a great military marriage, you do not have to be totally fearless (and all that implies.). Instead, you only need to fear LESS. Worry LESS. Talk-yourself-out-of-it LESS. Because you really are the worker so many employers want most.

    That’s why we put together this master class to share all we have learned from coaching thousands of military spouses on the job hunt. You can expect to learn the following:

    1. How to avoid the lure of common career off-ramps that could lead you into low-pay or no-pay work.
    2. How to bring together your many talents, skills, and job experiences into one clear goal that makes employers want to hire you.
    3. How to access the spouse employment programs that help you leap over your lack of a local network and into the in-person, hybrid, or remote work you want most.
    4. The magic words to ensure you and your service member can end up with the happily-ever-after you dreamed of.

    Here are the links and resources mentioned in the class:

    Best Programs for Military Spouse Employment:

    1. Hiring Our Heroes MSCAP Program: Military Spouse Career Accelerator Pilot

    • paid 12-week fellowships FOR ACTIVE DUTY OR RECENTLY RETIRED SPOUSES
    • placed with host companies based on location and work experience,
    • The current job offer rate is 91% for participants. The average starting salary is $70,000. 

    Related Links:

    2. American Corporate Partners Active Duty Spouse Program

    ACP hand-selects a Mentor for each spouse Protégé for year-long, customized, one-on-one mentorship. Eight percent of mentors are in non-defense related occupations. Mentors and Protégés connect at least once a month for up to a year—GREAT FOR CAREER EXPLORATION, especially about a particular field.

    3. Amplify

    Amplify is a free two-day workshop ONLINE OR INPERSON tailored to military spouses focused on career preparation, professional development, and networking. Again, GREAT FOR CAREER EXPLORATION.

    OCONUS Living is Hard on Spouse Careers

    If you and your service member are thinking of requesting orders outside the United States or to a rural location, here is the study you and your service member must read:

    Event Information

    Jacey Eckhart
    Thursday, May 25, 2023
    4pm EDT / 1pm PDT
    Veteran Employment Project

    Master Class Series

    Employers do want to hire hard-working, self-motivated veterans like you. The command does want you to keep firing on all cylinders until the last minute. Your family wants to know what will happen next right now. That is a lot of pressure. Do yourself a favor and take control over your transition by signing up for our exclusive FREE master classes now.

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    Jacey Eckhart

    Meet Jacey Eckhart

    Jacey Eckhart MA CPCC is's Transition Master Coach. She is a Certified Professional Career Coach and military sociologist who has been designing workshops and training active duty, National Guardsmen, Reservists and military spouses for decades.

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