Friday Workout of the Week 2 for 2017


You have to start somewhere! If you have not trained in a long time, or know people who need a shove in the right direction, here is a program that is for beginners and has been helping people off the couch for years -- See the 45 Day Plan. This is a great place to start and a great way to start off the New Year!

Here are some fairly basic options for you that a person with a beginner or intermediate level of fitness can attempt. The following two workouts are the same, but one is done with a TRX and the other is done with weights/dumbbells or calisthenics.

Workout 1

Warmup pushup / Squat run pyramid 1-5

Repeat 3 times TRX pushups 5-10 ​TRX squat row 10 TRX squat wide row 10 TRX squat high row 10 TRX rollouts 10 TRX Plank pose 1 min (same as rollouts – just hold) (rest as needed in between each exercise but keep it short – 20-30 seconds)

15-20 minute walk, bike, elliptical or other cardio cooldown option.

Stretch / foam roll.

Workout 2

Here is a mirror image of the TRX workout that you can do with a few dumbbell weights / calisthenics: Warmup with 5 minute walk / jog / stretch Repeat 5 times Jumping jacks 10 Pushups 10 Squats 10 Repeat 3 times Chest press 5-10 Squats 10 DB rows 10 MJDB#2 – 10 DB reverse flies 10 Leg Press 10 DB Lateral Raises 10 Plank pose 1 min

15-20 minute walk, bike, elliptical or other cardio cooldown option.

Enjoy the moderate to beginner workout plan for a quick way to get back to moving again with a 30-45 minute workout routine. The TRX is versatile, but you can get plenty done with a few dumbbells and some calisthenics as well. Just get creative and when in doubt, just move by walking more.

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