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15 Days From the PFT
20 Minute Circuit Workout
7 Steps to Become a SEAL
7 Tips on Dealing With PFT Anxiety
8 Count Body Builder Pushup - Pullup Pyramid
A Variety of Cardio Exercises
AM and PM Workouts
Ace Any Law Enforcement Fitness Test
Ace Any Military PFT
Ace the FBI Fitness Test
Achieve Muscle Definition Without Overdoing It
Achieve Washboard Abs
Add Balance to Your Life
Advanced Balance Training for Athletes
Air Force BMT Physical Fitness Test
Air Force Pararescue (PJ) Training
Air Force Pre-Boot Camp Workout
Air Force Special Tactics Fitness Training
Air Force Weight Charts
Air Pollution and Running
Airborne for Old Guys
Are You Fit to Serve?
Army Air Assault School
Army Airborne PFT
Army Basic Training PFT
Army Green Beret Training
Army PFT Overview
Army Physical Fitness Program
Army Ranger PFT
Army Weight Control Program (AWCP)
Assessing Fitness Tests
Avoid the Gym by Using Calisthenics
Avoiding Diabetes
BUD/S Warning Order
Balance Your Push-Up Workout
Balancing Out A Workout
Beer and Fitness?
Beginning A Fitness Lifestyle Change
Body Composition Tests
Breathing During Exercise
Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training
Build Up Your Running Program with the Sun
Burn More Calories
Can I Die from Drinking Too Much Water?
Can You Quit Smoking?
Cardio Alternatives
Cardio vs. Resistance
Choosing Non-Impact Workout Options
Coast Guard Basic PFT
Coast Guard Fitness Requirements
Coast Guard Specialized Forces Overview
Cold Water Training
Combat Conditioning and Fitness Testing
Compartment Syndrome or Shin Splints?
Control Your Cholesterol
Core Fitness for Recruits
Creatine and Military Training
Creating a Circuit Training Routine
Dangers of Underwater Swimming
Does Water Affect Weight
Don't Start a Resolution - Set a Goal
Drinking Too Much Water
Eating Habits, Flat Footedness and Jump Rope...Oh My
Exercise and Pregnancy
Exercises for Disabled Vets
Extreme Body-Core Temperatures
Fight Holiday Weight Gain
Fighting Disease and Illness with Fitness
Find Your Running Pace
Finding Time to Workout
Firefighter Fitness Standards
Fit Fitness Into Your Life
Fitness For Kids
Fitness Products Invented by SEALs
Fitness for Beginners
Foods for Fitness
Football and Powerlifting to Navy Seal
Get Back on the Fitness Horse
Get Fit for SEAL Training
Get the Most out of Heart Rate Monitoring
Get to the 'Next Level'
Getting Fit on a Budget
Getting Off the Training Plateau
Getting Ready for the Summer?
Graduating from the Academy
Group PFT Training
Hanging With Younger Soldiers
Have You Forgotten Your Fitness Goals?
Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training
Helpful Hints on Dieting
High Blood Sugar and Diabetes
How to Avoid Stomach Cramps When Running
How to Combat Stress with Fitness
How to Join Naval Special Operations
How to Master Obstacle Courses
How to Pass The Service Academy CFA
How to Train for any Race
Hydrating and Eating for Improved Fitness
I Need to Lose 40 lbs!
Interval Training for the PFT Run
Is it More Mental than Physical?
Isolation Exercises the Right Way
Juggling Work, Family and Exercise
Key To Relieving Pain from Overuse Injuries
Knee Injury Prevention
Law Enforcement PFT
Law Enforcement Running Test
Lose Weight and Get Fit for Duty
Lose the Love Handles
Low Carb Diets and PFTs
Low-Carb Diets and Weight Loss
Make Fitness a Hobby
Marathon Running Plan
Marine Corps Body Composition Program
Marine Corps Initial Strength Test (IST)
Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test
Mental Toughness
Mentally Tough? Power of the Mind in Spec Ops Training
Military Fitness Archive
Minimum Standards for Health
Mixing Weights With Calisthenics
Moderating the Fitness Gadgets
More Swimming Options
Most Common Fitness Test in the World
Motivation to Change
Nausea During Workout
Navy Body Composition Assessment
Navy EOD - Diver Training
Navy Physical Fitness Program
Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Overview
Navy SEAL Fitness Prep
Navy SEAL Fitness Test
Navy SEAL Hell Week Revisited
Navy SWCC Fitness Training
Navy Training for Teens
Need a Workout? Make Your Own Triathlon!
New Army PRT and CRT
New Lower Back Plan
New Year Resolutions That Worked
No Weights at Boot Camp
Nutrition for Fitness
One Month From PFT
One Soldier, Two Workouts
Options to Become a Navy SEAL
Overcoming Psychological Obstacles
Overwhelmed at Fitness Centers?
PFT - Train for the Transition
PFT Run Workouts
Passing Military Swimming Tests
Perfect Practice for Perfect Push-ups
Perfecting the Pull-up
Physical Fitness Tests - Do They Really Matter?
Police Academy Training
Popular Swimming Pool Workouts
Prepare for Special Ops Training Programs
Preparing Physically for a Second Career
Preparing for Army Ranger School
Preparing for BUD/S
Preparing for a Marathon Run
Preparing for the PFT
Prevent Fatigue During PFT
Prevent Running Injuries
Pull-up Alternatives
Pull-up Push Workout
Pushing Up Your Limits
Quick Exercises for the Morning
Ramp Up Your Running Program
Ready for Boot Camp?
Recovering From BUD/S Training
Reducing Your Blood Pressure
Remedial Fitness for Military
Rescue Swimmer Fitness Standards
Resting with Crunches
Run and Leg PT
Running Distance vs. Timed Run Fitness Test
Seal Training Via Officer Candidate School
Self Motivation - The Wanna-Be and Gonna-Be
Spec Ops Success Tips
Spec Ops: Who's Toughest?
Special Missions and Law Enforcement PFT
Special Operations Fitness Prep
Spice-up Running on the 'Dreadmill'
Standard Method of Achieving Fitness Goals
Start Prehab to Avoid Rehab
Starting a Fitness Program for Life
Starting a Fitness Routine
Stay Active With Age
Staying Fit Over the Holidays
Staying Fit at Any Age
Stew Smith Article Guide
Stew Smith's Fitness Training Pipeline
Stew's Favorite Fitness Offerings
Strength in Diversity
Stress - Work it Out!
Stuck Inside? Indoor Workout Ideas
Summer Swimming Workouts
Supersets for Push-ups and Sit-ups
Swimming With Fins
Swimming Without Water
Switching up Your Workouts
TV Watcher's Workout
Take 2:00 Off Your PFT Mile
Taking Care of Your Shoulders
Taper Before Testing
Ten Commandments to Prepare for Training
The "Common PFT"
The "Get Lean" Diet
The "Three-Hour" Diet
The Best Shoulder Workout
The Best Twenty-Minute Workouts
The Combat Swim
The Evolution of Fitness in America
The Evolution of Learning How to Run Distance
The Five Day Pre-Boot Camp
The Five Psychological Phases of Fitness
The Food Pyramid and Other Options
The Fundamentals of Nutrition
The Importance of Sleep
The Key to Building Longevity
The Military Spouse Weight Loss Plan
The Navy SEAL Grinder PT
The Navy SEAL Rumor Buster
The Need for Speed
The Next Level of Push-ups and Pull-ups
The Office Workout
The PT Pyramid
The Perfect Workout
The Proper Technique for Curl-ups
The Push-up Push Workout
The Push-up System
The Strength Builder
The Stretching Plan
The Twelve-Mile Run Plan
Tips for Better Pull-ups
Tips for Running During the Winter Months
Top 10 Fitness Questions
Top 10 Things to Know Before BUD/S
Top Five Workout Questions
Top Ten List to Stay Motivated and Build Mental Toughness
Total Fitness: The Next Generation
Tough Love to Motivate
Train Before You Enter the Military
Training for Boot Camp
Training for Ruck Marches
Training for a Military Career
Triathlon Training
U.S. Troops Too Fat to Fight?
USAF Fitness Program
USCG Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)
USMC PFT Score Charts
USMC Recruit Training
USMC Weight Charts
Want To Be a SEAL?
Want to Become a Marine?
Want to Lose Weight?
Ways to Avoid Re-Injury
Weight Gain for Ranger School
Weight Loss Myths
Weights and PT Workouts
Weights, PT, and Pull-ups
What Causes Lower Back Pain?
What is a Tactical Athlete? Is it a REAL Athlete?
Which SpecOps is Right for Me?
Women's Fitness
Working Out Underway
Working Out With a Cold
Working Out and Not Losing Weight
Special Forces - Special Operations Fitness Test


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