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How healthy is your financial future? Nearly nine out of 10 Americans think financial planning is important, yet less than half have developed a financial plan. If you have a financial question that's keeping you up at night Just Ask June!

DoD Buzz
DoD Buzz is an online defense ad acquisition journal.
DoD Buzz
SpouseBUZZ is a virtual Spouse Support Group, a place where you can instantly connect with thousands of other milspouses.

Technology is shaping how wars are fought, borders are protected, crooks are caught, and individual rights are defined. Defense Tech, a site, stays on top of these changes, rounding up the day's news, linking to sources of information, and providing analysis on what's ahead.

Military Fitness Blog
Keep up-to-date on military fitness requirements, boot camp expectations, special operations fitness and much more.
Military Fitness Blog

The Paycheck Chronicles
The military money experience is unique and challenging. The Paycheck Chronicles is here to help with daily tips on the special financial situations of military servicemembers and their families.
The Paycheck Chronicles

Military Education Blog
This blog features the latest military education news and real life education experiences of military veterans and current members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve.
Military Education Blog

Kit Up is the stuff you weren't issued but that you couldn't have done without during your military life. Kit Up can be a device, software, book, DVD, or a resource like a website, chat room, or blog. We want to know about the items that made things bearable during a deployment or that allowed you to accomplish your mission.
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