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10,000,000 has 10 million members.

Search over 35,000 unit pages, find reunions and correspond with old friends.

Search over 1,000 scholarships, and find millions of dollars with Scholarship Finder.

Business Opportunities

Reach the Large but Elusive Military Market - Efficiently

Military Advantage provides unprecedented access to the 30 million Americans with military affinity: Servicemembers, Dependents, Veterans and those considering military service. We operate the largest military destination site at

Over 10 million members and over 5.7 million monthly unique visitors trust us for resources and recommendations on quality products and services. Over 35% of servicemembers are members, and more use our resources each month. We are growing at a rate of over 1 million new members annually.

For premier companies and government agencies, Military Advantage executes measurable affinity marketing programs tailored to client objectives. We drive sales online and at commissaries, exchanges and other outlets while highlighting clients' patriotic support of the military community. We position clients at the transition points in military life that often trigger purchase decisions, such as relocation, promotion or separation/retirement from the service. Further, we help clients tap the grassroots nature of the military community to spread the word "virally" on quality products and services.

We assist government contractors in reaching procurement decision-makers, since our membership includes hundreds of current and retired flag and general officers, senior enlisted leadership, the public affairs community, education and career counselors, legislative offices and influencers in television, print and radio.

Military Advantage offers a full range of military affinity marketing services, including advertising, sponsorships, consumer research, marketing communications, community outreach, events and qualified lead generation. We also offer job postings with and recruiting service to employers seeking to hire people with military experience.

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