• 'Lone Survivor' Team Debuts 'Call of Duty' Spot

    Peter Berg directs Taylor Kitsch in an exciting new commercial for the latest edition of the first-person shooter game.
    call of duty taylor kitsch
  • Former Marine Banned From Daughter's School

    Veteran Kevin Wood objected to a curriculum that included the cultural study of Islam and he confronted the school about it.
    kevin banned marine
  • Monster Up Your Phone for Halloween

    These awesome silicone cases are available for iPhone 5/5s/5c, the iPod Touch 5G and the Samsung Galaxy S4.
    switcheasy monsters
  • Rural Tennessee Museum a Success in First Year

    When Discovery Park of America opened on a rural Tennessee cornfield, founders expected the museum to draw about 150,000 visitors in its first year.
    discovery park
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Marine Kyle Carpenter and Dave Grohl
Rock Legend Meets Actual Hero at the White House

Marine Kyle Carpenter ran into Foo Fighter Dave Grohl after President Obama awarded him with the Medal of Honor.

The Gouge on Gadgets Tech Reviews

mass fidelity relay

Modernize a Vintage Hi-Fi With the Relay

The Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth DAC does a spectacular job of adding streaming capabilities to a stereo system.
ooma telo handset

Lose the Land Line With Ooma

The Ooma Telo promises more advanced features at a lower cost than traditional phone service. How does it stack up?
ecorox ecostone speakers

Truly Waterproof Wireless Speakers

The ECOROX and ECOSTONE Bluetooth speakers have awesome battery life and they really can survive any beach or pool situation.

Pets in the News See All

Blue Tick Hound

A new Charlotte nonprofit program pairs disabled former military members with a service dog.


Bomb-Sniffing War Dog Shows Heart, Gets Vet Care

A bomb-sniffing war dog that saved thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan has a new lease on life after heart surgery.
Army patrol with dogs on a road.

After surgery and a tiring drive, a mutt from Afghanistan named Rommel snuggled on the sofa with his long-lost savior last week.

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