• Brad Pitt Set to Star as Gen. McChrystal

    He will star as Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of all Western forces in Afghanistan, in a film of “The Operators.”
    brad pitt inglourious basterds
  • 'Military Drop Tested' With NuGuard

    The NuGuard KX iPhone cases offer a high level of protection in a relatively light weight case.
    nugard kx iphone case
  • 'Fargo' Remastered & Reissued

    Joel & Ethan Coen's classic Minnesota crime movie has been remastered just in time for a new FX TV series based on the film.
    fargo frances mcdormand
  • CIA Used 'Doctor Zhivago' as Cold War Weapon

    The CIA printed Russian-language copies of Boris Pasternak's classic novel in an attempt to sow unrest among Soviet citizens.
    dr zhivago movie
  • Review: Monster DNA Pro Headphones

    New over-the-ear headphones from Monster Audio throw in some audio substance to go with their brand's distinctive style.
    dna pro monster headphones
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