• Talking 'Sniper: Legacy'

    Dennis Haysbert plays the Colonel & Chad Michael Collins stars as Tom Berenger's son in a reboot of the Marine sniper movie series
    sniper legacy chad michael collins
  • A Visit to Exotics Racing With Transformers

    "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is out on home video and we raced cars, talked to a veteran stunt driver and met Optimus Prime.
    transformers exotics racing
  • Government: NFL TV 'Blackout' Rule Unsportsmanlike

    For years, fans have bemoaned the rule barring NFL home games that haven't sold out from being televised in the local market.
    NFL football game
  • Book Review: ‘The Glass Cage’

    Nicholas Carr's historical, inclusive approach claims that what we're losing might outweigh what we gain by relying on computers.
    glass cage carr
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Marine Kyle Carpenter and Dave Grohl
Rock Legend Meets Actual Hero at the White House

Marine Kyle Carpenter ran into Foo Fighter Dave Grohl after President Obama awarded him with the Medal of Honor.

The Gouge on Gadgets Tech Reviews

outdoor tech privates headphones

Headphones to Match Your Fatigues

The Outdoor Tech Privates offer great Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and come in olive green with a canvas headband.
puregear puremove strap

Finally, An iPhone Sport Armband Worth Using

The PureGear PureMove offers two sizes, a removable strap, reflectors and direct access to your phone's screen.
ogio all elements backpack

Review: OGIO All Elements Backpack

The All Elements is marketed to motorcyclists, but its sturdy waterproof construction has a lot of appeal for all outdoor use.

Pets in the News See All


Bomb-Sniffing War Dog Shows Heart, Gets Vet Care

A bomb-sniffing war dog that saved thousands of American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan has a new lease on life after heart surgery.
Army patrol with dogs on a road.

After surgery and a tiring drive, a mutt from Afghanistan named Rommel snuggled on the sofa with his long-lost savior last week.

Soldiers with dogs in a lineup.

The Moore County Dog Tags program pairs wounded soldiers with dogs who have been abandoned or abused.

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