• Facts are Overrated: 'Sons of Liberty'

    The History Channel's drama series (out now on home video) plays like a cross between "Boardwalk Empire" and "Assassin's Creed."
    jason omara sons of liberty george washington
  • What Alec Baldwin Really Thinks of the Military

    The often-controversial actor, who plays an Air Force general alongside Bradley Cooper in "Aloha," tells us what he really thinks.
    alec baldwin aloha movie
  • China Suspends TV Drama Over Plot of Crotch Grenade

    A Chinese drama got pulled following a public outcry over a plot in which a hidden grenade is pulled from a woman's crotch during an amorous scene.
    fight the devils together china tv
  • Dutch Art Sleuth Helps German Police Track Down Nazi Art

    An art sleuth known for identifying works looted from Jewish owners by the Nazis helped German police recover two sculptures crafted for Adolf Hitler.
    stolen horse statues
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Military Top Dog Lucca 298x130
Military ‘Top Dog’ Lucca Gets Her Own Book

We've got a slideshow of the Marine dog, who was trained to sniff out IEDs and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Gouge on Gadgets Tech Reviews

switcheasy helix case

Helix: A Protective iPhone Case Minus the Bulk

A lightweight new case from SwitchEasy aims to protect your iPhone 6 without turning it into a giant brick.
xqisit bluetooth speaker

Xqisit Bluetooth LZ380 Headphones & xqB20 Speaker

The German audio company enters the U.S. market with an excellent pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and a pocket speaker.
cambridge audio tv5

Cambridge Audio Enters the TV Speaker Market

The TV 5 speaker stand sounds great, looks great and supports Bluetooth streaming from your phone or tablet.

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