• Sound Off: Are Veterans Losing Gun Rights?

    Veterans in the Fiduciary Program are automatically added to an FBI "mentally defective" list that prohibits them from buying guns.
    AUSA 2014 attendees check out guns at the SIG Sauer booth in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 15, 2014. C.J. Lin/Stars and Stripes
  • Dana Perino Reveals Details of Bush Visits to Walter Reed in New Book

    The former White House press secretary reveals details of the president's interactions with wounded troops at the hospital.
    president george bush walter reed
  • 'American Warlord' Follows Chucky Taylor From US to Liberia

    Johnny Dwyer's book tells the story of a Liberian rebel leader who grew up in the suburbs of Orlando, FL.
    This photo provided by Alfred A. Knopf shows the book cover of "American Warlord, " by Johnny Dwyer. (Alfred A. Knopf via AP)
  • Investigating Stolen Valor With Daniel Tosh

    The TV host makes a few jokes about the scourge of folks wearing the uniform without serving their country. Is that ever funny?
    stolen valor tosh 0
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Military Top Dog Lucca 298x130
Military ‘Top Dog’ Lucca Gets Her Own Book

We've got a slideshow of the Marine dog, who was trained to sniff out IEDs and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Gouge on Gadgets Tech Reviews

cambridge audio tv5

Cambridge Audio Enters the TV Speaker Market

The TV 5 speaker stand sounds great, looks great and supports Bluetooth streaming from your phone or tablet.

QuickLock: Easy & Controlled Access

Bluetooth and NFC technology make a wireless and keyless padlock easy to open for dozens of individual users.
ammocan x

You Want This Speaker Built From an Ammo Can

The AmmoCan X is a wireless Bluetooth speaker built in the USA by veterans. Its build quality is amazing and it sounds great.

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