• 'Aloha' From Bradley Cooper & Emma Stone

    The two actors talk to Military.com about their new movie. He plays a veteran military contractor and she's a fighter pilot.
    aloha bradley cooper emma stone
  • Sound Off: Should the Military Pay for Sports Tributes?

    Since 2011, the DoD has paid over $6 million to NFL teams for those stadium tributes. Should teams get paid to honor the troops?
    nfl military tribute
  • Definitive Guide to US Special Ops

    Not sure about the differences between Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Raiders and PJs? We're here to help.
    US Army Rangers
  • Brandon Webb Honors the Fallen in ‘Among Heroes'

    The former Navy SEAL and Military.com contributor remembers eight of his fallen brothers in his new book.
    brandon webb
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Military Top Dog Lucca 298x130
Military ‘Top Dog’ Lucca Gets Her Own Book

We've got a slideshow of the Marine dog, who was trained to sniff out IEDs and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Gouge on Gadgets Tech Reviews

dsp idsp hrt

Improve Your Phone’s Audio With HRT

The i-dsp (for iPhones) and the dsp (for Android and computers) are DAC converters that bypass and upgrade the system's audio.
switcheasy helix case

Helix: A Protective iPhone Case Minus the Bulk

A lightweight new case from SwitchEasy aims to protect your iPhone 6 without turning it into a giant brick.
xqisit bluetooth speaker

Xqisit Bluetooth LZ380 Headphones & xqB20 Speaker

The German audio company enters the U.S. market with an excellent pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and a pocket speaker.

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