• Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)

    Anti-lock braking systems are designed to prevent skidding and enable you to keep control of your vehicle until you can stop.
    Disc Brakes
  • Auto Repair: Other Electronic Braking Systems

    Because the brake system is so vital, the technology for creating safer and more responsive systems is constantly developing.
    Car mechanic repairing the underside of the car.
  • Auto Repair: The Parking Brake

    The parking brake, or emergency brake, is usually attached to a car’s rear wheels.
    Auto engine repair on creeper.
  • Auto Repair: Disc Brakes

    Disc brakes used to be found mainly on the front wheels of vehicles, with drum brakes at the rear.
    Disc Brakes
  • Auto Repair: Drum Brakes

    Drum brakes are the oldest type of brakes still on the road.
    Servicemember brake check.
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