• Auto Repair: The Parking Brake

    The parking brake, or emergency brake, is usually attached to a car’s rear wheels.
    Auto engine repair on creeper.
  • Auto Repair: Disc Brakes

    Disc brakes used to be found mainly on the front wheels of vehicles, with drum brakes at the rear.
    Disc Brakes
  • Auto Repair: Drum Brakes

    Drum brakes are the oldest type of brakes still on the road.
    Servicemember brake check.
  • Auto Repair: Brake System Basics

    One reason that today's vehicles are the safest in history is that, since 1968, all vehicles come equipped with dual brake systems.
    Concentration on auto repair.
  • 3 Keys to Buying a Good Used Car

    Buying a used car has always been seen as a way to save money. But in today's market, it might cause a bit of sticker shock.
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You can have the fanciest wheels but it won't matter much if your headlights aren't working -- here's how to replace old bulbs in four easy steps.

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