• Josh Kelly Talks 'Jarhead 2: Field of Fire'

    A vet who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the former Army Ranger stars as a Marine corporal in this sequel to the 2005 movie.
    josh kelly jarhead 2
  • Fisher Stevens Goes on a Filmmaking 'Mission Blue'

    When Fisher Stevens approached prominent oceanographer Sylvia Earle about featuring both her life and work in a documentary, she resisted the idea.
    mission blue movie
  • Kristen Stewart Goes to Gitmo

    The "Twilight" star plays an Army private stationed at Guantanamo Bay who develops an unusual connection with a detainee.
    camp x ray kristen stewart
  • Lessons of Stigmas, Stereotypes in Williams' Death

    How did someone who suffered such demons summon such starbursts of generosity and glee?
    robin zelda williams
  • Movie Review: ‘The Expendables 3’

    Despite some ruthless new tactics, there's no saving this third outing of Sylvester Stallone's all-star action ensemble.
    expendables 3 sly stallone arnold schwarzenegger
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Box Office Results: 8/15-8/17

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $28.5M
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy - $25.1M
  3. Let’s Be Cops - $17.8M
  4. The Expendables 3 - $15.6M
  5. The Giver - $12.3M
  6. Into the Storm - $7.9M
  7. The Hundred-Foot Journey - $7.2M
  8. Lucy - $5.5M
  9. Step Up All In - $2.7M
  10. Hercules - $2.1M

Movie Reviews Movie Reviews Movie News

lets be cops

In case you didn't deduce it from the title, the film concerns two stumblebums who decide to impersonate policemen for kicks.

the giver meryl streep jeff bridges

Phillip Noyce's "The Giver" greets a man-made Utopia with an eternal question: "If you can't feel, what's the point?"

into the storm movie

"Into the Storm" addresses the fearsome power of a bad script to distract us from the fearsome power of nature.

Movie Spotlight

tom berenger sniper legacy

Gunny Beckett Returns in 'Sniper: Legacy'

Tom Berenger's Marine sergeant teams up with his son (also a Marine) in this fourth sequel to the 1993 classic.

Must See Military Movies Movie Reviews Movie News

The Railway Man

The Railway Man

"The Railway Man" is based on the autobiography of a British Army officer who was brutally tortured at a Japanese POW camp during World War II. Lomax somehow survived but came home broken and haunted.
The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men

Though George Clooney is leading an all-star crew through a daring heist -- rescuing occupied Europe's greatest art treasures from the Nazis -- this is a sturdy, old-school, big-scale Greatest Generation war movie.
Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

With all the talk about fact-based films and how accurate they should or shouldn't be, it's worth noting that some stories are best brought to screen as simply and purely as possible.

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