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Navy Veteran Jimmy Carter Looks Back on 'A Full Life'

jimmy carter 2015

Former President Jimmy Carter was one of the youngest ex-presidents ever when he left office in 1981 at 56 years old. Since leaving the White House, Carter and wife Rosalynn have channeled their time and energy into resolving conflicts, fighting disease and defending human rights around the globe. Carter also has carved out time to write. His new book out this week, "A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety," is his 29th. In this latest book, the... more

5 Best Movies Based on John Le Carre Books

5 Best Movies Based on John Le Carre Books

I've spent much of my reading life trying to figure it out: What is it about the work of John le Carre that draws me back to his books again and again? Le Carre (real name, David Cornwell), a former British spy turned best-selling novelist, is a master plotter - but so is Arthur Conan Doyle. He's a marvelous creator of dialogue - but so is Elmore Leonard. He is darkly hilarious in that dry, British manner - but so are any number of contempora... more

Special Forces Vet Uses Fiction to Tell Truth

All Necessary Force

A book currently on the New York Times' bestsellers list presents a classic example of how fiction can be an ideal way to get at thorny truths. "All Necessary Force," a novel by Brad Taylor, is an action-adventure yarn that pits America's best warriors against a top-echelon terrorist group bent on surpassing the 9/11 attacks. What makes it especially notable is that the author is a former member of the U.S. Army's most elite unit -- U.S. Army... more

Retired CIA Operative Becomes Breakout Spy Novelist

jason matthews

WASHINGTON (AP) — When Jason Matthews retired after more than three decades as a CIA operative, writing fiction proved a form of therapy. Living in Los Angeles, cut off from the agency and its secrets, Matthews channeled his energy into the 2013 novel "Red Sparrow." It became a best-seller and critical success, resulting in a reported seven-figure movie deal. "I started thinking about war stories," he said in a... more

'Wild Bill Wellman' Revisits 'Wings' Director's Fiery Life

william wellman

"Wild Bill Wellman : Hollywood Rebel" (Pantheon), by William Wellman Jr . The silver biplane that had performed a few stunts over actor Douglas Fairbanks' polo party taxied to a stop at the far end of the field. Its pilot, wearing a military uniform with medals from the Great War, walked up to the movie star. "Remember me, Mr. Fairbanks ?" asked William A. Wellman . "You said if I ever came to Hollywood... more

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