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Book Review: ‘Days of Rage'

days of rage brad taylor

Associated Press | Jul 21, 2014

"Days of Rage" (Dutton), by Brad Taylor The world of Special Ops seems to be a new trend in publishing, but author Brad Taylor , a former Delta Force operative, knows how to unveil the behind-the-scenes action. Taylor's main characters Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill work for a unit called The Taskforce, a secret group of elite men and women who work outside all normal government channels. They plan and carry out thei... more

Book Review: ‘Act of War’

brad thor act of war

Associated Press | Jul 18, 2014

"Act of War" (Atria), by Brad Thor In Brad Thor's latest thriller, "Act of War," Scot Harvath finds his hands full when a snag-and-grab operation for a terrorist unveils surprising information. It involves a top-secret operation by a few key individuals in the Chinese government with the goal of devastating the United States. The ambitious plan has every chance of success and would take down the country bef... more

Witnesses Rebut Ventura's Fight Assertion

Former SEAL Chris Kyle

 | Jul 16, 2014

Witness by witness, defense attorneys on Tuesday continued to assemble a scenario that they hope will disprove Jesse Ventura's claim that Chris Kyle fabricated a story about punching out the former Minnesota governor at a bar in 2006. Ventura is suing Kyle's estate and widow, Taya, claiming that the late author's account of a confrontation in the 2012 memoir "American Sniper" damaged Ventura's reputation. Tue... more

Book Review: ‘Inside Man’

inside man thriller

Associated Press | Jul 14, 2014

"Inside Man" ( Grand Central Publishing), by Jeff Abbott "Inside Man," the fourth novel by Jeff Abbott to feature bar owner and ex- CIA agent Sam Capra , continues one of the best ongoing series in the thriller genre. Readers will be hooked from the start when a friend of Sam's — who doesn't know about his spy past — asks for a favor. Steve occasionally takes security positions, and he hopes S... more

Jury Chosen to Hear Chris Kyle Defamation Case

Former SEAL Chris Kyle

St. Paul Pioneer-Press | Jul 09, 2014

A jury of six men and four women will determine whether a Navy SEAL-turned-author defamed former Gov. Jesse Ventura in a best-selling book. Ventura sued Chris Kyle , author of "American Sniper," over claims in the book and in media interviews that Kyle punched him at a California bar in 2006. Opening statements at trial are expected Tuesday afternoon in federal court in St. Paul. Kyle died in 2013, allegedly... more

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