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  • teen in car
    Choosing Your Teen's First Vehicle
    Parents and teens can agree that getting your first car is a big deal, even if they disagree on what type of car is best.
  • Avoid a lemon car
    Lemon Cars: How to Spot Them|
    The dreaded lemon car is sure to drive you up the wall (not to mention drive your repair costs through the roof). Here's some t...
  • Car
    Is Leasing Your Best Option?
    Most car buyers are familiar with the process of buying a new vehicle. However, most people are clueless when it comes to leasi...
  • Driver smiling.
    Sell or Trade-in Your Car or Truck?
    To the fiscally wise this may seem like a no-brainer. But there are actually several reasons why a person may want to choose to...
  • Family driving a silver SUV.
    Car Buying Tips for Military Personnel
    Ethan Ewing
    To get the best deal, military servicemembers and their families need to be well prepared buyers.
  • Rainy car lot.
    Why You Should Not Buy a New Car
    Lauren Bowling
    New cars are sexy and appealing, but there are significant reasons not to buy one unless your finances are completely secure.
  • Car
    3 Keys to Buying a Good Used Car
    Buying a used car has always been seen as a way to save money. But in today's market, it might cause a bit of sticker shock.

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