5 Minutes Sets for Muscle Stamina and Mental Challenge

Fort Rucker 'Boot Camp' participants bear crawl up a hill during one of their early morning workouts.

If you are working on muscle stamina with lighter weights or bodyweight calisthenics, try this Five Minute Set workout with the following exercises.

Rules: Arrange in any order you prefer with minimal rest in between exercises.

5 min warmup – Jog, bike, elliptical, row, etc. 5 min burpee pyramid – Run 25m 1 burpee, run 25m 2 burpees, run 25m 3 burpees… for 5 minutes. 5 min situps – Pace yourself for 5 minutes of sit-ups. If you need to rest – rest with crunches. 5 min pushups – Max Pushups in 5 minutes. If you need to rest - rest in the plank pose (keep knees from touching the floor). 5 min pullups – Max out, let go of the bar and shake it off. Try to get as many reps as possible in 5 minutes. 5 min lunges – Walk across the floor doing lunges for five minutes. 5 min military press / push press – Using dumbbells or barbell, get as many repetitions as you can, pushing the bar over your head. You can rest with hands at your waist, but try not to set down the weights. 5 min squats (100#) – Using dumbbells or barbells, do squats for 5 minutes. Rest with the weight on your shoulders or at your side if carrying dumbbells. 5 min bear crawls or stair crawls – Get on all fours and start crawling across the gym floor or field – rest in the up position – keep knees off the floor. If you have a flight of stairs, go up/down bear crawling head first going down, and feet first going up for 5 minutes – rest as needed. 5 min cooldown cardio – Jog, bike, elliptical, or row for 5 minutes.

*This workout is meant to be accomplished in under an hour, but you can replace exercises with others that are movements you need to master.

Swim Workout:

Repeat 5 times 5 min swim – Any stroke 5 min skills and drills (tread, bounce, float or do core/abs on the pool deck)

**If you do not like to swim, you can replace with another form of cardio for 5 minutes and rest with a variety of abdominal exercises.

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