Favorite Workout of the Week: TRX Workout 4


If you are looking for a good full body day that is rather advanced (high volume), here is a challenging variety of exercises and “rest exercises” mixed with a few cardio options as well.

We mixed weights, calisthenics, TRX, bike or run, and swimming together for a tough one: Warmup with run 25m Pushups Pyramid 1-10 (run 25 meters, 1 pushup, run 25 meters, 2 pushups... stop at 10). You can do dynamic stretches for the runs too. Do the same with 25m Squat Pyramid 1-10. Every Thing 50 REPS:  (Do big sets of 20+ to finish quickly or 5 x 10 for a steady pace workout) 50 DIPS - Do max reps sets but rest with 50 LUNGES.  Break up as needed to alternate dip/lunges until you get 50/50 of each (lunges = 50/leg) 50 Pullups - Rest with 40-50 pound dumbbell holds in both hands (like farmer walks) in between sets until 50 reps is reached 50 Bench Press (135 pounds)  - BUT rest with TRX atomic Pushups - max reps and TRX rollouts 10 until you get 50 reps on Bench (or do regular pushups or plank pose for 1 minute as needed as “rest”) 50 squats (135 pounds) - Rest with 1 min overhead plate hold in between squat sets (25-45 pounds) 50 TRX rows - Rest with 50 TRX tricep extensions  (you can opt for DBs on this if no TRX) 50 Push Press - Rest with sets of 50 abs of choice until you get 50 reps 50 Dead lift (135 pounds) or leg press - Rest with 50 KB swings until you reach 50 reps of dead lifts. Focus on form not heavy for above lifts. Bike pyramid - make each minute tougher that previous by increasing resistance by 2 levels each minute.  Keep RPM at 80-100.  Go UP for 10 minutes - return in repeat order for 10 minutes. OR RUN 2-3 miles Swim 500m warmup Tread water no hands 5 minutes Swim 1000m of intervals - break up as preferred  20x50m, 10 x 100, 4 x 250m, etc.

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