Blue Falcon – Leg Day


You might remember the first Blue Falcon Workout, where you and a buddy do a series of combinations of exercises. Both partners are relying on each other to complete their set of exercises quickly with maximum effort -- otherwise this leads to your partner doing even MORE work. See original Blue Falcon Workout. This is a Blue Falcon Leg Day Workout to try.

Blue Falcon - Leg Day

Squat pyramid 1-5: Run 25-50m, do one squat, run 25-50m, do 2 squats -- continue up to five. While partner does plank pose for the amount of time it takes to do above. Squat pyramid 6-10: Run 25-50m, do 6 squats…repeat up to 10 squats. While partner walks up/down stairs with weight in hand for as long as partner does above. Squat pyramid 11-15: Run 25-50m, do 11 squats…repeat up to 15 squats. While partner does walking lunges for the amount of time it takes to do above. Repeat 2-3 times – This is difficult to do a third time so it is up to you and the time you have available. 5 min cardio (Tabata interval or fast run) While buddy walks up/down stairs (no weight) skip 2 steps each step up / walk down normally. Squats 25 (95-135#) While partner holds 50#dbs in hands (grip) Dead lift 25 (light) While buddy does wall sits

Note – If you do not have a partner, you can time the events to see how long you have to do the partner exercises.

Cardio Section: Swim with fins 1 mile or ruck 3 miles. If you prefer to make this a Blue Falcon event, you can swim the time it takes to ruck 3 miles or vice versa regardless of distances travelled.

You may want a recovery day after this and loosen up the legs with mild swim, tread, mobility day.   Enjoy!

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