The Blue Falcon Workout is Great for a Buddy Workout


I call this workout the Blue Falcon Workout, as it works best if you have a buddy to push you (or make you work harder because he/she is slower than you).

How it Works

You have distance events and 100 repetition events to do as a team. While one buddy does the distance event, you do the 100 rep event -- neither can stop until both are finished with the 100 reps and 100m. Sometimes, you will find you have to go farther than 100m if your buddy is not done with the 100 reps, or you may have to add more reps if your buddy is not finished with 100m.

Then you get to switch events. Both buddies do the distance and repetition event at each station.

The Setup

We set up each station on a football field and run 50m and back to the starting line, where your buddy is doing the repetitions. We actually did this with 20 people and had 10 stations of two events, so large group PT is pretty fun too. Arrange the events as you wish, since there is no real easy way to mix and match distance and rep events.

The Workout


Full body - Carries / Crawls:

Run 1 mile easy

Distance Events
100m bear crawl
100m lunges OH carry (40#)
100m burpee jumps
100m farmer walk (40# each hand)
100m fireman carry
100m sled or prowler push / tow

100 rep events:
100 push press (40#)
100 pushups / non stop - rest in plank pose until done
100 situps (40#)
100 squats (40#)
100 KB swings
100 flutterkicks

*add pullups as an option as well if you can do 100 pullups relatively quickly (less than 5-6 sets)

40# = 40 pound sand bag or barbell / kettlebell

Run 1 mile easy

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