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Carbohydrate Secrets for Fast Weight Gain


If you are looking for fast weight gain then you will probably find that the dieter's worst enemy — the evil carbohydrate — can actually be the skinny person's best friend. In fact, people looking for ways to gain weight fast can finally find victory by taking another look at how they consume carbohydrates and add them to their mass building die... more

3 "Super Foods" to Help You Gain Weight Fast!


Some foods work better than others for people who are trying or even struggling to increase muscle mass. These types of food could be called "super food" to gain weight. You need to achieve a calorie surplus in order to put on some pounds. However, you need to do it in a way that won't add a lot of body fat or endanger your health. This is where... more

High Blood Sugar and Diabetes

High Blood Sugar and Diabetes

I received several emails about helping the reader repair their diet. Here is a "Diet Plan" I refer people to with a motivating and humorous picture as well as a free downloadable sample week of diet information. I also have a newer plan called the "Get Lean Diet" that is very effective. Also see my "Food Plan" (Word document) for more ideas. Ho... more

Foods for Fitness

Foods For Fitness

I received an email from a former Naval Officer who wanted to get back moving again. The good news is that he started before Thanksgiving, which helps avoid extra holiday pounds we gain imbibing spirits, snacking while watching sports, and eating holiday feasts. It all contributes to our caloric intake. The "former pilot - now desk jockey" writ... more

How to Combat Stress with Fitness

How to Combat Stress with Fitness

Job Loss, Stress, Economy and Fitness! Here is a great email that is getting more and more common these days. People are seeking new employment and coping with stress more than ever: Stew - I have been in the financial business since I got out of college and always regretted that I never served in some capacity (military, police, fire fighter,... more

The Military Spouse Weight Loss Plan

Military Spouse Weight Loss Plan

The Erin O'Neill Testimonial / Life Story As a fitness writer, I often get testimonials from people using fitness programs that I have developed and they ALL motivate me to continue. However, there are those few letters I receive that strike a deep emotional cord in me that I feel a need to share with others. The following testimonial is from a... more

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