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Weight Gain for Ranger School

Weight Gain For Ranger School

Here is a question from a Soldier who is attending Army Ranger Training in two months: "I am pretty lean now with about 5% body fat. I think I need to gain few pounds before I go to Ft. Benning. I cannot afford to lose much weight as it is and I know people lose 20-30 pounds during Ranger School sometimes. - help!" If you have the weight to l... more

Beginning A Fitness Lifestyle Change

Beginning A Fitness Lifestyle Change

Several people have emailed me concerned for their general health who have had family members suffer from diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure/cholesterol. These were people seeking a beginning fitness program that they could get back into shape without hurting themselves in the process. Though I focus primarily on more advanced fitness wri... more

Make Fitness a Hobby

Starting Fitness Plan

I have had many questions about yard work compared to exercise and other rigorous activities common to the Spring Season. I have found that the caloric expenditure in many of these outdoor activities is comparable to running, walking, and even calisthenics / weight training. The problem that many people face with seasonal "hobbies" is that a goo... more

Get Back on the Fitness Horse

Get Back on the Fitness Horse

Here is a question about falling out of your fitness routine and trying to get back in the groove after a long break. "I am 46 year old. In my 20's and 30's I worked out at the gym faithfully. But, somewhere along the way I stopped going to the gym. Now I am not overweight. But, not comfortable with the weight that I have gained. The metabolism... more

Working Out Underway

Working Out Underway

When on a Navy war ship (or submarine), you have two issues to deal with: lack of time and lack of space (unless you are on a huge ship, then you will have access to moderate scaled weight rooms -  but you still have the issue of time). A Navy Sailor emailed me and got me thinking back to the underway deployments I was on, and what we did to st... more

Women's Fitness

Womens Fitness

I typically group men and women into the same workouts, especially if they are applying for positions in the military, law enforcement, or fire fighting careers. My opinion is that women can perform to the same standards as men (they don't have to) with a little extra work and proper training. I have experienced this personally throughout my yea... more

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