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Weekly Workout: Cardio Assessment Day

Cardio Alternatives

Cardio Assessment Day Some days you need to see just how well your lungs are working for you. Obviously if you take a run or swim test regularly you’ll be on top of things, but sometimes you can still test in other cardio events just to mark progress. These are great tests of how your endurance training is going and some are great beginning... more

Weekly Workout: Final Tactical Fitness Test

Pull-up Push Workout

Our PT Group is transitioning from heavy weight exercises with less running and Cardio in a 12 week cycle to a 12-14 week cycle that involves more calisthenics, speed, and endurance with running and swimming. This will be a solid test of our strength and power exercises and challenge our running endurance. But, after this cycle of our Tactic... more

Ready for Boot Camp?

Prepare Yourself for Boot Camp

Prepare Yourself for Boot Camp Why show up at your boot camp or a service academy unprepared for the physical fitness test? You would be surprised, but many people are physically unprepared for life in the military when they arrive. Why make life your first time away from home any more stressful than it already is? If you show up fit and ab... more

Want to Lose Weight?

Want To Lose Weight?

To lose weight, there are a few factors that you must consider for any weight loss program to be effective. If you remember the following formulas, you should be able to lose weight in a healthy manner and better yet, KEEP IT OFF! Formula #1: Calories OUT > Calories IN = Weight Loss This formula is as basic as weight loss gets. If you exercise... more

Pyramid Warmup and Advanced Circuit Training (Upper body)

Painful situp at the gym.

This week's fitness challenge is an advanced level, high volume workout. It features creative ways of implementing a pyramid warmup and cooldown with one minute weight and PT circuits, and a final fun or swim PT combo. Burpee/Fireman carry, bear crawl, or farmer walk pyramid: You can choose to bear crawl 25m, farmer walk, or fireman carry... more

How to Join Naval Special Operations

How to Join Naval Special Operations

Do you think you have what is takes to become a member of Naval Special Warfare or Special Operations? You have several choices now! As of October 2006, the Navy changed the way SEAL Teams, SEAL recruits, and all the branches of Naval Special Warfare/Operations do business. Now, SEAL enlisted personnel no longer have to select Source ratings (i.... more

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