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Preparing Physically for a Second Career

Preparing Physically For Second Career

My grandfather has had an interesting life. He enlisted into the Army in 1936 and retired a Chief Warrant Officer after two wars and nearly 30 years of active duty service. Afterwards, he took the highly developed skills of his military career and applied them to become Chief of Police of his hometown for nearly 20 years. With two retirements co... more

Top Five Workout Questions

Top Five Workout Questions

I have had several emails that require short and sweet answers, so I have compiled a list of the top five questions that were most commonly asked. Here are the 5 most commonly asked questions: 1) Are pulls ups and dips considered resistance training?  Answer - Yes any weight - even your body weight - is considered resistance training. If you a... more

Ramp Up for Spec Ops

Ramp Up for Spec Ops

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding a young man joining the military and then advancing onto challenging follow on training. But my answers apply to anyone seeking to join the military or a law enforcement academy as well. Here are his questions: I am going to ship next month to the Navy then go to SEAL training after Boot. Here a... more

Stew Smith's Fitness Training Pipeline

Stew Smiths Fitness Training Pipeline

In the military, training pipelines refer to a student's training cycle as they attend school after school to become certified to deploy with an active unit. Below is what considers as a training pipeline for a variety of people seeking to get in shape, lose weight, or ace a fitness test of military or law enforcement. The difficul... more

Military Fitness Archive

Military Fitness Article Archives

This is a one-stop shop article to better help people find information on specific fitness topics in the Fitness Center. Here you will find fitness requirements for each service and tips on improving your fitness scores. Military Fitness - General Topics - PFT Preparation - Law Enforcement Fitness - Military Workouts - Special ... more

Combat Conditioning and Fitness Testing

Combat Conditioning and Fitness Testing

There are two different types of training you must be prepared for in order to become a member of special operations of any branch of service or law enforcement as well. First, the entrance fitness test, which is typically a test of calisthenics, running and maybe swimming depending upon the branch of service. Statistics show that scoring we... more

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