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  • Army Basic Training PFT
    Army Basic Training PFT|
    Check out the updated version of the Army PFT. The Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical perfo...
  • Army PFT Push-up Score Chart
    Army PFT Push-up Score Chart|
    The Army's Basic Training Physical Fitness Test is a three-event physical performance test used to assess endurance. It is used...
  • Army PFT Two-Mile Run Score Chart
    Army PFT Two-Mile Run Score Chart|
    To ace the running portion of any PFT, it is most important to learn your pace. Recognize breathing, arm swing, leg stride, foo...
  • Army PFT Sit-up Score Chart
    Army PFT Sit-up Score Chart|
    The Army's Physical Fitness program features a Physical Fitness Test and the Army Weight Control Program. The program helps mak...

Law Enforcement Fitness

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Making it TO and THROUGH Training

Airman weightlifting.

Many people confuse the training programs groups like active duty Special Ops perform to maintain their fitness levels for the demands of the profession with how they prepare for challenging schools like BUD/​S, SFAS /​ SFQC, and PJ training to name a few. Here is a question to better describe a very common issue with candidate training program... more

Tactical Fitness Training /​ Testing Ideas

Air Force run

Training large groups with varied fitness levels is one of the most challenging things to accomplish with success. Success will be defined by the group’s increased fitness levels as well as not injuring people who maybe ill-​​prepared for new and challenging exercises. Here is a great question from a new PT coordinator concerned with adding new ... more

Tactical Fitness and Special Ops Training

Tactical Fitness: running with gear.

Hey Stew, I am working on a project and was curious what your opinion on today’s warrior and Special Ops fitness and which training disciplines best achieve this? Great question! Over the past decade Special Ops Fitness has morphed into a new fitness genre along with military, police, and fire fighter fitness called Tactical Fitness. In fact, t... more

What Are Some Group PT Ideas — Advanced Level?

The Five Day Pre-Boot Camp

Here is a commonly asked email from military members who are placed in charge of their command’s group PT program, but this one is a request for more advanced workouts for his hardcore group at his command. See his request: Stew, Thanks for your numerous articles /​ books as I have used them since I was a civilian several years ago. Now, I am p... more

Tactical Fitness: Really!

SIRT pistol with attachment.

The term Tactical Fitness is a fairly new concept. It’s still being defined after a decade of varying programs that prepare candidates for challenging professions in military, special ops, police, SWAT, and firefighting organizations. Though all the jobs are different, they all demand one thing – fitness. In a tactical profession, fitness c... more

Train Before You Enter the Military

Train Before You Enter the Military

I often get emails from people young and old about getting prepared for military training, and also from veterans who want to be in the shape they used to be when they served in the military. Here is a list of just a few of the many former military officers and enlisted who train civilians to not only lose weight and get healthy, but prepare for... more

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