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Fitness Gear for Christmas


If you are looking for fitness products to give this season, then check out some of the deals for those who are thinking about starting a fitness program as well as those advanced fitness fanatics.  These products are currently on sale and are built to last.  Here are some of my favorite pieces of gear that I tested out this year: ... more

AF Tracker Helps Air Force Members Get Fit

Af Tracker Helps Air Force Members Get Fit

Physical fitness is a prime concern for those in the Air Force.  In 2010, the Air Force instituted a new and more rigorous physical fitness standard.  The new AF Tracker app will help all service members track their physical fitness status to make sure they are meeting the requirements based off Air Force Instruction.  AF Tracker is also working... more

Paging all Potential Entrepreneurs!

Paging All Potential Entrepreneurs

Teammates, Having just returned from the INC 500 awards ceremony and a trip to London, I've been asked of series of questions that are surprising similar and thought that both the questions and the answers would be of interest to you. Many of the questions are from students in entrepreneur or public relations classes but what was particularly i... more

Multitask Your Muscles with the Perfect Pushup

Multitask Your Muscles With Perfect Pushup

Contributed by Marcus Colburn Here's an interesting question about how to combine two different pieces of exercise equipment, dumbbells and the Perfect Pushup. My SEAL buddy Marcus Colburn, an expert on innovative exercise routines, stepped up to answer it. Thanks Marcus! Question: I'd appreciate your advice on what I should do to incorporate... more

Fitness Products Invented by SEALs

Fitness Products Invented By Seals

The Perfect Pushup and Pullup My former SEAL buddy Alden Mills has created awesome fitness products that capture the most beloved and most hated exercises we do in the SEAL Teams and at BUD/S. The rotational motion of his products challenge the best pull-up and pushup performers. In fact, his products cut my reps in half and after a year of usi... more

Stew's Favorite Fitness Offerings

Fitness and Health Products

I often get emails from beginners starting to exercise or avid training folks like myself asking about what are some of the things I like to use, wear, and listen to when exercising. Here are a few of the many things I like to use. I have been searching the fitness business world for places to put my logo on for customers to wear or use as well... more

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