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TRX Move #1 - Spiderman Push Up

Trx Move 1 Spiderman Push Up Image 000

Key: N: name of the exercise A: adjustment length of the TRX P: position relative to the anchor S: starting posture M: movement cues R: return cues to starting posture. N: Spiderman Push- up A: Mid Calf P: GFA S: Hand plank position with knees on deck, right foot in foot cradles.  Left leg extend, toes on deck. M: Drive left knee to l... more

Big PT / Weight / TRX Combination Workout

Situps outdoors.

Finish reps however you can, even if you have to add in reps of pulldowns, regular pushups, or half squats to finish. It is best to perform this workout in a circuit fashion: go from one exercise to the next using a sub-maximum or maximum effort rep set each time. 100 Pullups, pulldown combo if needed 200 TRX Atomic Pushups 200 o... more

Gym in a Bag

TRX - Gym in a Bag

In 1991, when we shipped our tanks to Saudi Arabia from Germany, in addition to the 40 main gun rounds, 25,000 rounds of 7.62, a case or two of 5.56 and a couple boxes of mines, we packed something personal; a curl bar and 50 pounds of free weights.   That was it. Our entire fitness center. It wasn't so much a case of that was all we wanted t... more

Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

An email from a Fire Fighter instructor looking for advice on creating a fitness maintenance plan and fitness building program for his major city fire fighters prompted an answer that was diverse in its ability yet cost effective.  "I think your recent publication of Fire Fighter Workout and Public Safety Diver training cross over very well. Th... more

Fort Bragg TRX Suspension Training

Fort Bragg Trx Suspension Training

On April 30, Fitness Anywhere Inc. (FAI) went to Fort Bragg for two days to educate the 82nd Airborne Division on suspension training in support of a sale over 3000 TRX Force Training Units to the Division's MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation). Over one hundred soldiers and unit fitness leaders from the 82nd Airborne Division were chosen to recei... more

Tactical Fitness: Really!

SIRT pistol with attachment.

The term Tactical Fitness is a fairly new concept. It’s still being defined after a decade of varying programs that prepare candidates for challenging professions in military, special ops, police, SWAT, and firefighting organizations. Though all the jobs are different, they all demand one thing – fitness. In a tactical profession, fitness c... more

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