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Running and Cardio

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Stew's Favorites: Pullups / Pushups / Situps

Army Basic Training PFT

This week, we did an all-​​time favorite workout that we have been doing for decades. It truly is a classic workout and if you are ever in the area where we train, you can join us. Especially now, as we are cycling out of the weight /​ strength cycle and merging into the running, swimming, higher rep PT cycle to prepare for crushing any fitness ... more

Stew's Favorites: Calisthenics / Running

8 Count Body Builder Pushup Pullup Pyramid 2

Here is a new favorite combination of running /​ swimming /​ weights and calisthenics done in a two part workout or one long session of 2–2.5 hours. Remember there is no 30 minute gym workout that will prepare you for a day of ANY military training. You have to put in the time /​ distances in many activities. Warmup: 5 min jog Burpee Pyramid ... more

Stew’s Favorites: 5 x 5 x 5

Intense free weights exercise.

As the weather gets cooler up here in the Northern hemisphere, we typically transition from the higher rep calisthenics, mileage of runs, and move toward the heavier lifting cycles, some cold weather rucking, and indoor swimming for a healthy mix of non impact cardio. If you do not have a pool and cannot swim with fins for 1–2 miles of cardio, t... more

Stew’s Favorites: Tabata Weights / Calisthenics

Squats at the gym

This series of articles is a favorite workout of the week for TWENTY weeks. This is WEEK 20. See links below for weeks 1–19 for great ideas to add to your workout routine. These are some of the latest workouts we have been doing with our Spec Ops Heroes of Tomorrow group. If you are ever in the Annapolis MD area and want some of these workouts t... more

Stew’s Favorites: Solstice Running Plan

Leg exercise.

As many of the readers know, I use a method of periodization that evolves with the seasons. Some have called it the Solstice Running Plan, while I tend to just like changing my workouts every quarter (12–13 weeks) so not to burn out with any one type of exercise. For instance, each change of season brings in something new and gradually fades som... more

Stew’s Favorites: PT / Running

Running Distance vs. Timed Run Fitness Test

It is testing focus month for us in August /​ September (1st week) so we tend to mix in fitness testing elements with workouts. Here is one we did to help with PT and running: PT Test: Pullups max Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min 2 mile timed run Repeat 5 times: hill runs or 1/​4 mile sprints rest 100m walk Run 2 miles of intervals:  – easy... more

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