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Tactical Fitness: Are Fighters Born or Made?

Tactical Fitness: Special operations training.

It's a pleasure to email you. I’ve been thinking lately – the difference between making it in special operations programs and not is whether or not a candidate is a true fighter. Anyone can get into shape, but not everyone is a fighter. I do have a question for you: do you think fighters are born, or are they made? Can I become a fighter? ... more

Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Getting Army Special Forces Fit

Green Berets

Hi Stew, I'm a 16 year old student, currently homeschooled, but I will most likely be graduating early with a 4.0 GPA. I'm interested in joining the Army. I'm really interested in possible opportunities with the Special Forces, specifically the 18D MOS. My biggest concern is fitness. I've always played sports, but I was involved in a car ac... more

Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Peaking in the PT Pyramid

Army PT on a track.

Hi Stew, What's the best way to increase your PT pyramid score? I've been able to do up to 10 and back down to one. I've also done one up to 15, but I've needed someone to hold my feet after I hit 10. Would it be better to do the pyramid by going up by increments of one every day or two? So on Monday I’d progress to 10 and come down, then o... more

Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Preparing for MARSOC

MARSOC rifle training.

Hi Stew, I am commissioning into the Marine Corps this summer to secure an infantry MOS with the end goal of breaking into the MARSOC community. Do you think it is smart to start running longer physical fitness evolutions and build up to 24 hour events? My biggest concern is that I don't think I can get anyone else to do it with me, and doi... more

How to Join Naval Special Operations

How to Join Naval Special Operations

Do you think you have what is takes to become a member of Naval Special Warfare or Special Operations? You have several choices now! As of October 2006, the Navy changed the way SEAL Teams, SEAL recruits, and all the branches of Naval Special Warfare/Operations do business. Now, SEAL enlisted personnel no longer have to select Source ratings (i.... more

Unconventional Testing for an Unconventional Unit

Navy SEAL Hell Week Revisited

Some conventional thinking would have you believe that if you can score 300 on the Army Physical Fitness test, the Cooper's test, or whatever other PT test the military comes up with for vetting Special Ops candidates, that you're physically fit enough to endure the rigors of selection. I'm here to tell you otherwise. Now, don't get me wron... more

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