Week 3 of the New Year Workout Series


Are you still tracking with your New Year New You Fitness Goals? Here is the deal -- most people quit this week, because statistically they did too much, too soon, too fast and hurt themselves. Whether it is an actual injury or they are just sore from overdoing it, the word RESOLUTION is no longer used after this week.

So, here is what you need to do to avoid the third week pain of frustration of adding a training plan to your life out of nowhere. Take it easy this week. Do things that do not hurt, and work on your flexibility and mobility with some light cardio (non-impact). Even if you are not hurting, it is never bad to add in an easier week, but it should be complemented by plenty of moving and stretching.

Here are some sample stretching, mobility, foam rolling ideas to get you through this week:

Get on the bike, elliptical, or rower -- or walk if you have no equipment -- for 10 minutes to warmup. Add a few flights of steps to warmup the legs even more for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching exercises – butt kickers, leg swings, high kicks, side steps, jumping jacks, more ideas in this video link. Do this for 10-15 minutes.

Now after a good, long warmup - If you wish to stay with your regular program, it is fine to do so, but reduce your intensity this week just a notch and focus on full range of motion movements whether it is calisthenics or weight training. Go slow on your repetitions and breathe deeply – exhaling on exertion. This is the week that you want to get the "new training guy" pain out of your body. You know what is too much for your body – so back off this week.

Non-impact cardio options are great this week. If there is something you want to push yourself on, do it in the pool or on the rower, bike, or elliptical.

After you have done your routine with slow, deliberate movements and a good pace of non-impact cardio, stretch well. Full body. Give yourself a good 15 minutes to stretch sometime today. Keep moving!

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