Special Ops Prep for Log PT and Leg Stamina


There are a few things most people worry about prior to attending Special Ops programs. Typically there is something that is ultra-challenging to most of the class. It could be rucking without much food (Ranger), swimming skills and PT (SEAL / PJ), or a combination of running, rucking, and swimming constantly. Most will agree that preparing for Log PT and getting the legs stronger / more stamina for lunges and weighted runs is critical for mastering these events. Most of the time it is getting through events on pure guts, but you should have a solid foundation and prepare the body for the many events of Log PT.

What follows is a classic twist on the Sand Baby Murph Log PT Simulation Workout made a little more challenging.

The Workout

Lower Body Run / Swim with fins Leg / Log PT Simulation Run 1 mile no weight / stretch With sandbag or log about 40 pound weight (log can also be team log with 5-6 people on 200+ pound log) 100 push press 200 lunges (100/leg) 150 squats 150 situps RULE: You or your log team cannot set the weight down for the entire event, and you must run 50m in between each set of exercises you do. You can walk 50m if under the log. *Note if you do a team log PT, this workout will take about 90 minutes if you are all solid and near the same fitness level. Run 1 mile - no weight / stretch Ruck 4 miles or Swim with fins 2000m for time Depending on the training program you are preparing for, either ruck or swim (Army / Navy), or if you are feeling hardcore – do both.

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