Start off the Year Strong with This TRX Workout

Suspension straps hang from a bar during a TRX Circuit Blast class at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.
Suspension straps hang from a bar during a TRX Circuit Blast class in the N-24 gym on Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, Nov. 27, 2012. (Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Molly A. Burgess/U.S. Navy photo)

Some think all they need is a workout to get moving toward their goal. But actually, if you define a workout as a single event, then you may want a plan for the long term. If you are getting started and need to build some good habits of adding exercise to your day and drop a bad habit, you will find goal achievement in a relatively short period of time. 

Let me put it this way. If you start today, a year from now, you will be a different person.

Here is a program that is for beginners and has been helping people off the couch for years: the 45-Day Plan.

However, if you are not a beginner and are looking for something more challenging to try out in 2017, try this TRX or suspension training program:

Warmup push-up/squat run pyramid 1-10

Repeat five times (for advanced levels, do with a 20-pound weight vest)

  • Pull-ups max (vest optional)
  • TRX push-ups max (vest)
  • MJDB#2 10 (vest and dumbbells)
  • Run or bike for five minutes

No vest

Repeat three times.

Regardless of your level of fitness, set a goal and get after it. Good luck. Let's see what you can do for your health and wellness in one year. A year from now, let us know.

Happy New Year.

Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Visit his Fitness eBook store if you're looking to start a workout program to create a healthy lifestyle. Send your fitness questions to

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