Favorite Workout of the Week

This week, our favorite upper body workout was centered by a workout called Death by Pushups. The way it works is you start with the group in the pushup position and you stay in the pushup position or plank pose for the time you progress up a pyramid each minute. So the first minute, you only do 1 pushup. The second minute you do 2 pushups and the third minute, 3 pushups. You keep going up as a group. Our stopping point was 20 minutes which equals 210 pushups but it also equals about 20 minutes of plank pose variety (side planks, etc). The rules are that you cannot stand up or touch your knees to the floor. After the pushups "warmup," we did the remaining routine below and focused on pulling and shoulder balance.

Warmup - 10 min bike or run Death By Pushups - 20 minutes

Stay in Pushup position entire time. Each minute add a pushup: 1 pushup the first minute, 2 pushups the 2nd minute, etc., up to 20 pushups / 20 minutes. Knees do not touch the ground.

Lightweight Shoulder

Repeat 4 times Run 5 minutes Pullups max Pulldowns 10 Rows 10/arm Bench press 10 Military press 10 *If you prefer to run 20 minutes, you can save the 20 minutes of accumulated running until after the above circuit. Swim 500m warmup Repeat 5 times 50m free at 6-8 strokes per breath 100m CSS at goal pace Or ruck 45 minutes Stretch


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