Devil’s Mile with Tire

special forces tire ruck

Fitness programs today are pushing the limits of comfort and getting creative to produce a better warrior or tactical athlete using simple methods that can be accomplished anywhere. Some trainers agree with these methods /​ some disagree with methods that push the limits of what athletes should do in a day. But regardless of what you think about these type of workouts, this is one such workout that works the entire body, challenges the cardiovascular system, and is actually a fun group workout called the Devil’s Mile with a Tire.

If you remember, a Devil’s Mile is to select four exercises and perform them for a quarter mile each. Such as one of our favorites: 400m bear crawl, 400m walking lunges, 400m fire man carry (200m each partner), 400m burpee broad jump.

Here is one but you use a car tire (or 20-​​40lbs bag)

Half mile warmup jog /​ stretch

Using a normal car tire (not tractor tire) run four laps on a 1/​4 mile track but on the straight away (100yd segments) do the following: On one side run the bleachers up/​down every stairway of the section along the 0–50-0 yard lines with the tire carried anyway you want. (usually 5–10 up/​down flights of steps)

Continue running to the other side of the track where you will do 100 yds of the following exercises (each lap pick one) :

Bear Crawl slide: push tire 100yds on the ground

Thruster & Throw: do a thruster (squat and push press) and throw the tire as far as you can from shoulder position (wearing tire like a necklace) for 100 yds

Walking lunge with tire overhead for 100 yds

Burpee /​ Chest Press & Throw: do a burpee on the tire — pick tire up and push forward with a chest pass for 100yds

After each 100yd exercise run back to other side of the track and repeat bleacher runs again until you have four total laps of bleacher runs and the above 4 x 100yds of exercises.

Half mile cool down jog (without tire)

After this — go swimming for 1500m with fins and 500m without using CSS stroke or ruck for an hour if you have no pool.

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