How to Build Speed and Power for PT Tests


How do you max your PT test scores? A mix of both weights, calisthenics, shorter-faster running and swimming will do the trick. Here is a classic version of placing time limits to events and doing fast, but good qualify reps, runs, and swims.

The following calisthenics exercises are to be done quickly with minimum rest in between. The added stair crawls or bear crawls add to a complete core challenge during this 30 minute as many rounds as you can workout: PT Workout: Warmup with short run / pt pyramid 1-10 Run 25m / 1 pushup Run 25m / 2 pushups Run 25m  / 3 pushups …keep going to 10 / doing stretches throughout warmup. Repeat for 30 minutes Pushups 25 Situps 25 Dips 20 Stair crawl up/down or 25m bear crawls Pullups max Run Repeats: Repeat for 30 minutes Run ½ mile faster than goal pace Run ½ mile easy but strive to see how close you can get to goal mile pace for longer timed runs (3-4 miles). Swim (optional if needed to master a swimming test too) Repeat for 30 minutes 100m fast as you can 100m easy (steady pace) Rest with 1 min tread (no hands)

Enjoy -This workout is as hard as you put out on these circuits.

Keep track of how many sets you can get done in 30 minutes. Do this once a week for a 4-6 week cycle and see if you can improve your set count per time. Then take a PT Test and see how it translates.

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