TRX Move #2: Resisted Torso Rotation

Suspension straps hang from a bar during a TRX Circuit Blast class at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.
Suspension straps hang from a bar during a TRX Circuit Blast class in the N-24 gym on Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, Nov. 27, 2012. (Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Molly A. Burgess/U.S. Navy photo)


N: Name of the exercise

A: Adjustment length of the TRX

P: Position relative to the anchor

S: Starting posture

M: Movement cues

R: Return cues to starting posture.

N: TRX resisted torso rotation (press/row)

A: Mid-length


S: Align right shoulder with anchor point, grip handle with right hand, place left hand over right and center hands to chest, offset stance, right foot forward, left foot back.

M: Drive hands away from chest, extend arms. Rotate arms and torso toward anchor point until shoulders are square with anchor point.

R: Drive hands toward chest, rotate torso away from anchor point, until right shoulder is aligned with anchor point.

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