Stew’s Favorites: The Special Ops Triathlon

Summer Swimming Workouts

This fine tuning of the challenging cardio events of the triathlon is now an all-​​time favorite workout. We even made it a quarterly competition with our Heroes of Tomorrow and Special Ops Team here in Maryland.

You can arrange the run, swim, ruck of the Special Ops Triathlon in any order, but we often like to make it like a simulated mission where you have the following phases:

Insertion — via swimming 1 mile with fins. If you use fins you have to carry them with you on the run/​ruck and there is no changing out in dry clothes. Stay wet!

Infiltration — 4 mile ruck to your target.

Actions on the Objective: We like to add in a mystery PT session. Usually a PT pyramid, Max Reps Workout, or another 30–40 minute PT session.

Exfiltration — 4 mile run

Extraction — Make the last mile a hot extract. Run 4 x 400m sprints with a 100m walk rest.

So in this order, the Spec Ops Triathlon is a Swim, Ruck, Run with some added PT /​ sprints for a full challenge.

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