Stew’s Favorites: Spec Ops Triathlon Buildup with Leg PT

Marines swim with fins during scout swimmers course.
Maj. Breck Perry, left, and Sgt. Christopher Rateau-Holbach swim laps with fins during a scout swimmers course Oct. 21, 2014, at the Camp Hansen Aquatics Center. (Lance Cpl. Abbey Perria/U.S. Marine Corps photo)

As we prepare for an upcoming Special Ops Triathlon -- Night Mission (swim, run, ruck) -- we are adding in a few combo workouts mixed with leg PT to prepare for the extra mileage and weight of the event. This favorite workout of the week is called:

Run/run/swim and leg PT: We will be adding mileage to this workout every week as we progress to the five-mile run, four-mile ruck and one-mile swim of the Spec Ops Triathlon workout:

Run two miles. Stop every half-mile and do 20 lunges.

Ruck two miles. Stop every half-mile and do squats (ruck with 30-40 pounds)

Swim/leg PT: Swim with fins for 1,000 meters

Buddy tow and lunges on pool deck -- see video link

Repeat five times.

Buddy tow 25 meters

Walking lunges 25 meters

*If you have no buddy to tow, swim with a sweatshirt in each hand.

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