Workout of the Week: PT Pyramid with TRX

Instructors from the United States Air Force Reserve Command Expeditionary Combat Support Training Certification Center, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., participate in TRX atomic push-ups (U.S. Air Force photo/Don Peek).

If you are looking to make the standard PT Pyramid a little tougher, try adding in the TRX Atomic pushup in place of the regular pushup.  Even if you fail on pullups, you can replace the pullups with the TRX row.  The beauty of the TRX is its versatility. The device can make simple exercises tougher or more difficult exercises easier using the same muscle groups.  Here is a complete warmup, workout, and cardio cooldown options creating the complete workout below:

Pushups run pyramid 1-10 - 1 pushup, run 25m - 2 pushups, run 25...keep going up until 10 – stop or other type of warmup prior to the workout if you prefer.

PT Pyramid with TRX

Pullups or TRX rows x 1 TRX Atomic Pushups x 2 Go up as high as you can – when you fail at pullups resort to TRX rows.  When you fail at TRX atomic pushups – resort to regular pushups.

Lightweight Shoulder 5 lbs

Elliptical Tabata Intervals – 5 minute of 20 seconds sprint / 10 seconds easy – rest 2 minutes – easy. Repeat 5 minute Tabata / 2 min easy for a total of 3 rounds. = 21 minutes

Swim Cooldown Options: 10 min swim 10 min tread 10 min dynamic stretches in chest deep water

Or if no pool – bike or row 10 minute and stretch 10 minutes

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