Stew’s Favorites: Tabata Weights / Calisthenics

Squats at the gym

This series of articles is a favorite workout of the week for TWENTY weeks. This is WEEK 20. See links below for weeks 1–19 for great ideas to add to your workout routine. These are some of the latest workouts we have been doing with our Spec Ops Heroes of Tomorrow group. If you are ever in the Annapolis MD area and want some of these workouts they are FREE to people seeking military, police, fire fighter professions or those serving /​ have served.

This is a mix of weights and calisthenics and higher intensity cardio events using the Tabata Interval protocol.

We do 5 minute sets of the Tabata Interval which is a 20 second sprint /​ 10 second easy pace repeat 10 times (equals 5 minutes). Then you spend roughly 5 minutes in the gym doing a Push, Pull, Full Body, Ab exercise for 1 minute each. Give yourself 15–20 seconds in between each exercise for transition time.

Warmup with 5 min tabata (20 sec fast /​ 10 sec slow)

Repeat 4 times: Push 1 min Pull 1 min Full 1 min Abs 1 min 5 min tabata interval

Feel free to change the exercises each set

(push = pushups, dips, military press, bench press, shoulder workout - any chest — shoulder — tricep exercise) (pull = pullups, pulldowns, DB rows, bicep curls, barbell high pulls — any back — bicep exercise) (fullbody = burpees, dead lifts, power clean, hang cleans, KB swings, MJDB#2, thrusters — any exercise that works multiple joints in the legs, core, arms) (Abs = situps, plank pose, flutterkicks, TRX rollouts, knee ups, leg levers, crunches, farmer walks — Any core exercise)

Run 1.5 mile easy Run 1.5 mile fast

Warmup — 500m swim — any stroke

Swim Repeat 10 times 100m at goal 500m pace Pushups 1 min Situps 1 min squats 1 min or Pullups if you have a pullup bar on pool deck

Cooldown 500m with or without fin

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