Stew’s Favorites: Modified Murph with TRX and Kettlebells

18th Air Refueling Squadron kettlebell squats

“Stew — What was your best workout you did last week?” asks an Army ROTC cadet. “Anything new? Something classic? I would love to hear what you come up with in your Spec Ops Team sessions.”

Many readers have been asking to post some of my favorite workouts we come up with each week with my pre-​​Military /​ Spec Ops PT groups. Sounds like a plan. I will post my favorite workouts of the previous week here on Monday’s each week.

This workout will vary each week as I tend to pick favorites that are a combination of upper body /​ lower body weights /​ calisthenics, or swim or run PT mix, or mix it all together for a challenging full-​​body /​ cardio burnout day. So without over-​​talking it — here it is: “The Modified Murph with TRX and Kettlebells”

If you are into these type of workouts, you may have heard of the “Murph”? It is a workout in honor of Navy SEAL officer Michael Murphy (MOH recipient) used often as a “Memorial Day Murph” workout in the CrossFit world. It is actually a classic workout done by future Special Ops guys for decades.

The actual workout is this:

Run 1 mile

100 pullups

200 pushups

300 squats

run 1 mile

Some versions have you do the event with weight vest. We have been doing this type of workout but with situps vs the squats since the early 90s. That version is great for PST scores by the way. But the Modifed Murph is this:

Modified Murph with KB and TRX:

Pullups 100

Pushups 100

TRX atomic pushups 100

Squats 150

KB swings 150 (40+#)

We like to do two minute sets for each exercise or max out in circuit fashion keeping track of your reps each set. You have to keep track of total reps in this version as you will run a mile every time you hit 200 total reps of combined exercises. So with a total of 600 reps in this workout you will run 3 miles total.

After the Modified Murph Workout — cool down with the your choice of cardio workouts.

Army = ruck, Navy = swim is recommended. Ruck or Swim — Shoot for 4–5 mile ruck or at least 1500m swim with or without fins. TRX Atomic Pushups: - Use TRX or rope /​ straps to elevate the feet. Do a pushup and a knee up combined.

TRX atomic pushups down TRX atomic pushups in

KB Swings (can be done with dumbbells too)

The above workout is a great full-​​body workout mixed with fast runs for an even greater challenge. Add in specialized ruck or swim depending on your goals in your training and you have a complete workout that can be a weekly favorite! Share in the comments sections some of your favorites and we can try them and even post them up in their own special blog post!

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