Weekly Workout: Mobility "Day Off"

Swimming freestyle.

After a tough week of training, sometimes you need to take it easy, loosen up tight muscles and joints but still work on some light cardio mixed with mobility and flexibility training.  Here is a "Day off" workout you can follow which will really make you feel the joints loosen up with some light pool work.

Easy Day Cardio, Stretch, and Mobility

Run or bike for 20 minutes or use another non-impact workout method of your choice. It is up to you how you want to get some basic cardio. You can do an easy jog or stick to non-impact options like bike, elliptical, or rower for 15 -20 minutes.

Then, take a few minutes and stretch and top it off with some foam rolling:

Foam roll

If you have a pool you can also swim easily for 15 - 20 minutes

Here is my favorite way to loosen up:

Tread water for 10 minutes – work on big scissor kicks, breast stroke kicks, and arm range of motion strokes (like jumping jacks off the bottom of the pool).

Then, like you do before you run with a warmup with a variety of dynamic stretches:

Try all dynamic stretches you do but in the pool in about chest-deep water (butt-kickers, Frankenstein walks, high knee lifts, leg swings (front / back / side to side) )

This loosens the hips and legs greatly!

Some other very solid ideas can be found on MobilityWOD Youtube Channel.

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