Tactical Fitness: Combining Personal Workouts with Recruit PT

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Hello Stew,

I have been combing over all your articles looking for ways to improve my USMC IST/PFT/CFT's, and there are a lot of great methods. What I'm wondering, however, is if you have any advice on balancing all these training regimens and PT, such as doing 200 pushups a day for two weeks, then going to PT and doing the exercises my recruiters give me. I'm just curious if I can do both or if that's too strenuous on the body. I'm aiming to be a top recruit at boot camp as I plan to apply for PLC next year. I'm trying extremely hard to do anything to get to top tier levels of performance.

Great job with your training so far. It's a great start to have high expectations of yourself going into training. Too many think that it is bootcamp's job to get you in shape. Thinking that way will cause a lot of pain and injury, but so will pushing too hard prior to bootcamp.

Be smart about designing your own program for pre-military training. When mixing several different plans, arrange them in a way where you actively pursue recovery. You can still rest even though you work out six days a week. You do this by resting body sections. Like on Mon / Wed / Fri, do your upper body workouts mixed with running and swimming for skill.

On Tues / Thurs / Sat, mix in running and leg PT. Consider making one or two days a weighted leg day, and add in rucking one to two times a week with a leg mobility day of treading water to loosen the hips, legs, and back by treading water with no hands and doing dynamic warmup stretches in the water.

Take Sunday off – relax and recover.

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