Weekly Workout: No Equipment PT

Interval Training for the PFT Run

If you ever feel like you want to get out of the gym for a workout and have little or no equipment, here is a fun and challenging workout that will push your upper body, speed, and endurance.

Find a field or high school track and turf area where you can run 100 yards fast. Warm up with a short run and dynamic stretch session for 10-15 minutes, then get after it:

Start with a 1/2 mile warmup and stretch.

Run and Burpee Ladder 

You can do pushups instead of burpees if you prefer.

  • Run 100yds – 1 burpee
  • Run 100yds – 2 burpees
  • Run 100yds – 3 burpees. Keep going up until you reach 20.

If you stop at set 20, you've completed 210 burpees, or pushups, total. If you want to make this a leg day, just replace burpees with squats for a similarly intense lower body workout.

1/2 mile easy pace run.

As a cooldown, if you have a pool available you can mix in some swimming speed workouts with pool skills like treading, floating, bottom bouncing, or other drown-proofing skills seen in Special Ops training programs (SEALs / PJ).

Swim  Skills

  • Repeat 10 times
  • Swim 100m
  • Tread water with no hands, bob, and float (drown-proofing test events) for the time it takes to swim 100m.

No equipment needed other than a place to run and swim. Enjoy!

Stew Smith works as a presenter / editorial board with the Tactical Strength and Conditioning program of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  There are also over 800 articles on Military.com Fitness Forum focusing on a variety of fitness, nutritional, and tactical issues military members face throughout their career.

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