Making the PT Test Just Another Workout


Wouldn't it be nice to go into your next PT test and have the feeling of "this is just another workout" versus "this is not going to be good" and worry yourself sick over it?

There is a way to get to that point, but it takes practice, discipline, and building good training habits. Here is a way to make the Navy physical screening test (PST) used for SEAL, EOD, Diver, and SAR Rescue Swimmer, based on the following elements: 500yd swim, pushups, situps, pullups, and 1.5 mile timed run.

Try this for "just another workout" sometime, practice good testing habits, and build a testing strategy.

PST Practice Workout: Warmup 5-10 minutes - your choice Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups max Run 1.5 miles timed Rest 5 minutes Run 1.5 mile timed Pushups 2 min Situps 2 min Pullups max 500yd swim timed Pushups 2min Situps 2 min Pullups max -- If possible, on pool deck 500yd swim timed Run or ruck replacement if no pool for another 20-30 minutes

Give this a shot or create and arrange to fit your testing elements into such a program. The best way to get better at fitness tests is to make fitness testing part of your training. Good luck – Crush the Test!

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