Workout of the Week: Sprint Workouts and Leg PT

Soldiers sprint it out during physical readiness training (Photo Credit: Ms. Marie Berberea (TRADOC)).

The following leg PT and sprint workout is a good way to run faster, get leaner looking legs, or training for a sports team like soccer or lacrosse. Here is a workout that can be done when a long slow distance run is not in the cards for the day or needed for certain fitness testing goals (300yd shuttle runs, 100m sprints, and other agility tests).

Warmup Section with what is called the Squat Pyramid Run:

RUn 25m easy jog, do 1 squat. Run 25m easy, do 2 squats.  These short runs can also be dynamic stretches like butt kickers, leg swings, side steps or what ever you need to loosen up prior to sprinting at or near full speed.  Go up to 10 squats / runs with stretches.

Next phase is workout section number 1: (sprint build up).

This is still part higher speed warmups mixed with some leg PT and a progressive increase is speed each set.

Repeat 10 times Squats 10 Lunges 10/leg Run 300m – This can be on a track, one minute fast on a treadmill, or on a small running area like a basketball court in the form of shuttle runs. 10 x 30m runs in a shuttle / non-stop set.

The goal is part speed increase but also part muscle endurance that will help you with longer runs and rucks in your next training cycle if you are planning a long running progression in the future.

Weight Room Section:  (Weights with Intervals) (pick two or three weighted leg exercises – leg press, squats, lunges, dead lift, farmer walks up/down stairs – Then add in a 3-5 minute Tabata interval of non impact cardio of your choice (20 sec sprint / 10 sec easy for 5 minutes).   Repeat 3 times Squats 5-10 Dead Lifts 5 or Leg Press 10 Walking lunges with weight overhead extended 10 reps or Farmer walk lunges up/down stairs 3 times holding 30-60lbs in dumbbell weight Tabata Interval 3-5 minutes (20 second sprint / 10 sec easy – bike, row, elliptical)

Cooldown Section (Easy Run, Ruck, or Swim with fins) Run or Ruck 30 min

Swim 500m warmup

Swim: 20 x 1:30 swims with fins - shoot for 75-100m / 1:30 set.  If you do a swim in 1 minute - you get 30 seconds rest. = 30 minutes total pool time.

Depending upon your goals you can do all the sections of focus or just one or two if you are only concerned with the sprint element.






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