Striving for 100, 100, 20 PT Scores (pushups, situps, pullups)

Marines and sailors assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, labor through the intense cardio portion of an Insanity Workout (Photo by Reece E. Lodder.)

Many people get stuck on pullup, pushups, and situps test especially when trying to get above average competitive scores on special ops level fitness tests (SEALs, SWCC, Ranger, Special Forces, PJ/CCT, RECON, MarSOC, etc).

If a goal is to achieve 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 20+ pullups in two minute tests, a common plateau before hitting those numbers is in the 80,80,15 range with the same exercises respectively.  These scores are still considered above average, but sometimes higher scores are required to get accepted into highly competitive units. It is recommended to do this workout once a week after two days off from upper body activity.  For instance, the week can look like this:

  1. Monday – Upper Body PT Pyramid / Run timed run fast / with easy run recovery or swim.
  2. Tuesday – Run Intervals and Leg PT (Squats, lunges, stairs / hills)
  3. Wednesday – Upper body PT Super Sets with goal pace running 400-800m sets
  4. Thursday – Long Run with Leg PT mixed in every 5 minute intervals
  5. Friday – Mobility Day
  6. Saturday – Max Rep Workout – See below:

Burpee Pyramid Warmup 

  • Burpee pyramid 1-10 with dynamic stretches for 25m in between.
  • - 1 burpee, run 25m, 2 burpees, run 25m, 3 burpees, run 25m…We do this back and forth as a warmup on a basketball court.  Mix in some dynamic stretches in between burpee locations during the 25m sections.
  • Run 1.5 mile timed (or your branch of service timed run)

Max Reps Sets (2 min time limit on pushup / situps) – treat the following three exercises of 100,200,300 repetitions as a circuit of pullups max, pushups max 2 min, situps max 2 min, and run 400m.  Repeat that cycle until you reach the 100,200,300 repetition goals of the workout. 

The goal is to do this in as FEW SETS AS POSSIBLE. If you are in the zone of 80,80,15 reps for your PT tests, this will likely take you 5-6 sets.  If it takes you more than 10 sets – stop at 10 sets and count the reps accomplished. No more than 10 sets.  But just for your information, the record for this workout with our special ops candidates is 3 sets!

  • 100 pullups
  • 200 pushups 2 min
  • 300 situps 2 min
  • Run 400m at goal pace EACH round of the 3 exercises
  • Run 1 mile cooldown run
  • Swim  500m warmup
  • Repeat 5 times
  • Swim 75m fast free
  • Swim 75m CSS or breast stroke to catch breath - no rest

PS goal pace = what is your mile pace goal? If six-minute mile pace, run 400m in 90 seconds each set.

More specifics – See Classic Week of Workouts for more ideas.

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