Weekly Workout: Leg Day with a Tactical Element

Deadlift workout.

Leg days are great! Especially for the tactical athlete who needs to have a strong foundation of core and leg strength to do challenging job-related skills like rucking, equipment carry, buddy carry, running hills and stairs, and swimming with fins for long distances. So when you think leg day, do you think of adding in these type of job performance elements?

Here is a typical leg workout – nothing ground-breaking here, just solid powerlifting with moderate weight to build your legs, back, hips, and core for your job.

Warmup with 5 – 10minute bike, elliptical, rower or jog followed by a light stretch.

Leg Day

Repeat 5 times

  • Dead lift 5
  • Squats 5
  • Overhead lunges 10/leg (carrying 25-45lb plate)
  • Shake off cardio for 3 minutes (bike, elliptical, jog, walk up/down stairs, light stretch)

Your choice of cardio tasks:

Swim Workout

30 laps with fins – can you get 30 laps in under 30 minutes? Shoot for 25 minutes?

Or, run up and down bleachers or hills, or ruck 30 minutes.

This is a good way to cool down after a lift workout and keeps the legs and lungs working together so you do not ever have to say, "Man, I need to work on my cardio."

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