Turkey Day Workout

Father and son running.

Enjoy a fun and effective workout the morning of Thanksgiving whether you are at home or travelling. Here is one of our training group favorites to burn some calories and not feel horribly guilty for eating most of the day and sitting on your butt watching football.

If you cannot find a place to train or travelling out of town on Thanksgiving, here is a fun one you can do just about anywhere:

- Find a place to do pullups (local playground, monkey bars, park, build your own, use the TRX)

- Mix in some running or rucking intervals into a big PT day. We like to mix in several 1 mile runs so you total 4–5 miles of running mixed with as many rounds of pullups, pushups, abs, squats, lunges as well.

For instance:

Repeat 4–5 times run 1 mile (or ruck if you prefer)* pullups — max reps pushups — 1 min (stay in plank for remainder of 1 min if you fail at pushups) abs of choice 50

*add in squats and lunges every half mile of mile run sets (20 squats and 20 lunges)

**if you want to make the PT a little harder, mix in the Burpee /​ Pullup Pyramid by doing sets 1–5 for the first set, 6–10 for the second set, 11–15 for the third set, return in reverse order if you can manage the reps.

Easy stretch after…

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day of friends, family, food, and football!

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