Stew’s Favorites: Weights, Running, Swimming


Here is a favorite combination workout we like to do once a week during late Summer /​ early Fall. It is a combination workout of weight training, running, calisthenics, and swimming and/​or rucking.

Full body workout in its truest form:

Weight Room

Repeat 4 times: Weighted Pullups max Dead lift 5 or tire flips Hang clean 5 Flutterkicks 50 Fire man carry 25m or farmer walk 50m

Repeat 4 times: Run 1 mile timed Max pushups 1 min Max situps 1 min

Swim Workout

Swim 500m warmup — any stroke

Repeat 10 times: 100m swim sprint 50m easy (CSS) (no rest)

and /​ or ruck 30 minutes in place of swimming

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