Stew’s Favorites: Sprints / Lifts

Mixing Weights With Calisthenics

This week is a combination workout that combines moderately heavy weights, cardio intervals, mixed with calisthenics. Following the non-​​impact/​lift, you mix in a run /​ pt followed by a swim (or ruck for Army guys).

Also see links to previous 12 weeks of workouts of the week at the bottom of the page:

Non-​​impact Cardio Sprints /​ Moderately Heavy lifts

Repeat 4–5 times bike or elliptical — tabata interval 4 min (20 sec sprint /​ 10 seconds easy) squats 5 bench press 5 dead lift 5 hang cleans 5 push press 5 weighted pullups max (moderately heavy weight)

Warmup with dynamic stretches /​ ie buttkickers, high knees, pushups, a few pullups etc

Repeat 4 times Run 1 mile timed max pullups stretch

Swim Workout Swim 500m warmup — CSS or Freestyle

Repeat 5 times 100m swim sprint – rest 30 sec

Repeat 10 times 50m sprint – rest with easy 25m


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