Stew’s Favorites: Pull, Push, Legs, Abs, Fullbody Max Reps

Airman lifting barbell

Ok — this workout is no joke and not for beginners. This is one of our favorite combo circuits where we focus on the following types of exercise groups: Upper body PUSH, Upper body PULL, Legs, Abs, and Full Body Movements. This one is a mix of a circuit and a max rep set of the pull, push, leg and the full body and abs are done to your wishes.

Pull, Push, Legs, Abs, Fullbody Max Reps Sets exercise circuit:

Max Reps sets of first 3 (Murph Workout*) — then “rest” with abs /​ full body each set: Pull = pullups 100 reps Push = pushups 200 rep Legs = air squats 300 reps Abs of choice 50 Fullbody exercise of choice: options dead lift, hang clean, power clean, push press, KB swings, etc…Heavy or light moderate reps sets. 5–10 reps of these fullbody exercises.

RULES: – Keep doing setsof the circuit until you complete the 100,200,300 requirement. - BUT Every 200 reps completed of the top three (Murph) — do as 5 min tabata interval on bike, row, or elliptical (20 sec fast /​ 10 sec slow) - You are done with the cycle of push, pull, full, legs, abs when you complete the 100,200,300 reps and having completed 3 x 5 min tabata intervals.

Cardio Workout to Complete the Day Swim: 500m warmup 5 x 200m swim swim with fins 500m

OR RUCK 4 miles if you prefer…

*For those who do not know, the Murph Workout is named after LT Michael Murphy — USN SEAL KIA and Medal of Honor Recipient. The Murph is a popular CrossFit workout. This is our modified version.

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