Run or Swim Mixed with Calisthenics


Mixing calisthenics or weights with fast cardio events is a great way to work the entire body and push your cardio fitness at the same time. If you are ever pressed for time and need a quick but effective combination of both cardio and resistance training, here are two options (scroll down if you do not have a pool).

Swim PT: Repeat 10 times 50 -100m freestyle fast / hard 50m CSS or breast stroke at goal pace (for 500m tests) Pushups 10-20 Flutterkicks 20 or Plank pose 1 min And / or if you just want an easy day to focus on the full range of motion movement / mobility / stretching try treading water / no hands 15 minutes - all kicks practiced (scissor, flutterkick, breast, egg beater) Dynamic stretches in chest deep water 10 minutes If you do not have a pool and want to get better at running or loadbearing (rucking) movements, try mixing in the following cardio / PT circuit: Run / Ruck PT:

Repeat 10 times

Run or ruck 2-3 min fast Pushups 20 Situps 20 or Flutterkicks 20 Plank pose 1 min

You can also add in squats, lunges, box jumps, or weights to these cardio events or other non-impact aerobic activities like rowing, biking, elliptical using the Tabata Interval programming (20 second fast / 10 seconds easy) for specific times per set.

You can arrange these in any order, but give yourself a day in between before performing the same workout a second time during the week. You can also do upper body one day and the lower body version of the same type of workout circuit the next, if you want to go back to back days with this system.

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