Military Workout: PT Super Set With TRX Supplementation

Airforce TRX Workout
Physical training leaders from various squadrons on base demonstrate how the TRX suspension trainer works at the Fitness Center. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Turning sub-max supersets into a short circuit (like the method below) is an efficient way to mix in all the elements of a PT test (pullups, pushups, situps / crunches, and running) as well as suspension exercises (TRX) to help with the same muscle groups. Supplemental ideas for PT exercises can include dips for chest, shoulders, triceps and plank poses for core strength as well as TRX exercises to make exercises either harder or easier depending upon your level of fitness.

Warm-up with short run: 1 mile PT Super Set: Repeat 10 times Run 200m fast (100m sprint / 100m jog) Pullups: 5-10 Pushups: 10-20 Situps: 10-20 Dips: 10+ Plank pose: 1 min *On even sets (2,4,6,8,10): Add in TRX pushups / TRX rollouts for abs options (5-10 reps) / TRX rows (squats optional) if needed if failing at pullups. PT Reset: Repeat 2 times Rev pushups: 20 Birds: 20 Arm haulers: 20 plank pose: 1 min Cooldown run: 1 mile Non-impact option cooldown: 10 minutes - Swim / tread, bike, elliptical, row, etc. Dynamic Stretches 5-10 minutes in water or on land Foam Roll / Stretch

This workout can be scaled back as necessary depending on your abilities, and if there are exercises you cannot do yet, supplement them with exercises like knee pushups, bench dips, pulldowns, DB rows or TRX rows to keep the routine going without failure.

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