Not Much Time – Pick and Choose from 20 minute workouts


Sometimes, instead of having a full hour to train, you are limited to 20 minutes or so. Here are a few 20 minute workouts that you can combine to make a 40-60 minute workout, or pick one when short on time.

Burpee / dynamic stretch pyramid 1-10: Run 25m 1 burpee, run 25m 2 burpees = runs can be a variety of dynamic stretches (buttkickers, leg swings, stretch / steps, etc). This one takes about 5 minutes and makes a great warmup. Weight Room 20 mins As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes Pullups max Push Press 10 Rows 10 Bench Press 10 Abs of choice 1 min This one is an upper body exercise that features a two push and two pull exercise and an ab of choice for 1 minute. Running - Run 20 minutes - how far do you get? Run / PT Mix Repeat as many times as possible for 20 minutes Max Pullups Pushups 25 50m easy jog 100m sprint 50m easy jog 100m sprint 20 minute swim – How many laps do you get? 20 minute bike pyramid – Make each minute harder by increasing resistance by 1-2 levels each minute until you fail to maintain 80-100 rpms. 20 minute tread water – Combination of no hands and hands only as a mobility session.

There are countless ways to get 20 minutes of activity, as you can see. Get creative with your 20 minutes and get something in – even if it is a 5-10 minute walk after every meal of the day.

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